Law of Attraction – Gentlemen
It’s common for boys to develop crushes during puberty. So, how can boys enhance
their charisma and maintain attractiveness?

  1. Take care of your appearance
    Boys often prefer a casual style for convenience. However, it’s important to groom
    yourself by styling your hair, freshening up your face every morning, avoiding oily
    hair, and trimming your nasal hair. These efforts can bring out your best appearance.
  2. Stay updated with fashion
    Boys should stay aware of fashion trends without feeling the need to chase after
    luxury clothes and sneakers. Presenting your character through clothing, while
    keeping it within reasonable limits, can enhance your charisma and appeal to girls.
  3. Engage in physical exercise
    Exercising has numerous benefits for boys’ growth. Confidence derived from a strong
    physique always instills a sense of safety in those around you.
  4. Be an attentive listener
    Learn to listen attentively and avoid interrupting others frequently. Sometimes,
    young men are eager to express themselves and unintentionally neglect others’
  5. Be a responsive partner
    Develop the skill of being reactive and responsive in conversations. Deliver your
    feedback at the right time to maintain an interactive conversation. This will lead to
    endless and delightful discussions.
  6. Be a considerate gentleman
    Being considerate is a valuable trait, and love cannot flourish without it. Understand
    your crush’s needs step by step and offer a warm helping hand. Gentlemen open
    doors for ladies and allow them to go first.
  7. Embrace a sense of humor
    Gentlemen don’t make fun of others’ disadvantages to embarrass people. Cultivating
    a sense of humor is always endearing and helps ease tensions in our lives.
    Foster a broad knowledge base
    Gentlemen acquire a wide range of knowledge, including Western culture, history,
    and Eastern culture. They also have a good understanding of music and art.
    Gentlemen from Hong Kong have been recognized as adorable and outstanding
    among Southeast Asian countries because they were raised in a fusion of Western
    and Eastern cultures. They possess gentlemanly qualities and excel in communicating
    with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. However, men from other Southeast
    Asia countries are becoming increasingly competitive in areas such as knowledge,
    modestly and language proficiency. Gentlemen, let’s rise to the challenge!

Law of Attraction – Ladies

  1. In 2021, Helliwell, a Canadian professor, and his team published happiness indexes
    for different regions. Hong Kong ranked 66th, far behind Western European and
    North American countries. To summarize, ladies tend to be happier but also
    experience more stress in their lives. In 2019, English research found that married
    women are more prone to depression than single women. However, single men
    showed a higher tendency towards depression than married men. Additionally,
    optimistic and agreeable women are happier, and these traits contribute to
  2. Cultivate an optimistic mindset
    Optimistic ladies are well-liked because they always maintain adorable smiles.
  3. Be agreeable
    Western people often say, “No big deal.” Try not to take things personally and don’t
    let bad jokes bother you. You will be appreciated when you can remain calm in the
    face of tricks played by boys.
  4. Be humble
    Ask for help when you need it. Quality interactions bring people together, but avoid
    doing it deliberately.
  5. Dress modestly
    Mix and match clothing is a skill to acquire, especially when it comes to color
    coordination. For example, white goes well with all colors, particularly pink, tiffany
    blue, and black! Pay attention to complementary or contrasting colors, but it takes
    time to master.
  6. Be gentle and polite
    The most popular girls are those who are gentle and polite. Sometimes, boys are put
    off by fancy and pretty girls because they can be mean and harsh, which pushes boys
    Lastly, it is recommended for parents to nurture their children with morality and
    agreeableness, as these traits are critical for their social abilities. An optimistic
    personality contributes to mental well-being and resilience against depression and
    emotional dysregulation. Let’s reflect on this: what kind of parents do we admire?

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Author: Dr. Ting Sik Chuen (Psychiatry Specialist)