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‘Which kind of plant can best reflect your resilience traits under the pandemic?’ Result Sharing

Since the beginning of 2019, Covid-19 has been rampant for more than two years. With the decline in the global economy, Hong Kong has also been deeply affected. Not only does the general public have to maintain good hygiene to avoid being infected, but they also have to struggle with supporting livelihoods. Naturally, everyone’s mood is immensely affected.

The Mental Health Foundation has been conducting an online survey since August 2020. To date, a total of 10,549 participants have completed the questionnaire, of whom around 45% are under 40 years old, with about one-quarter of the respondents seeking employment. 

Anxiety Symptoms 

Common anxiety symptoms include not being able to calm oneself down, trouble relaxing, frequent apprehension and worrying for no apparent reason, as well as being constantly on edge. Nearly half (36%-45%) of the respondents have felt anxious or restless. Compared to jobseekers, those at work tend to experience a higher level of anxiety.

Depressive Symptoms 

Common depressive symptoms include insomnia, loss of appetite, loss of motivation and increased stress in study or at work. More than half of the respondents under 30 suffer from depressive symptoms. While one-third of job seekers have shown depressive symptoms, over half of the currently employed respondents are reported to have suffered from depressive symptoms. 

During the pandemic, half of the respondents felt lonely, and depressed due to social distancing; whereas 60% of the respondents reported having more harmonious family relationships. More than half of the respondents felt they spend more time than usual to keep in touch with friends and family. 80% of the respondents agreed that care from friends and family is helpful for coping with stress amidst the pandemic.

In the past year, half of the 10,000 respondents suffered from severe anxiety and depression, which is even more alarming among people at work than those who are seeking employment. Care from family and friends is essential to relieving negative emotions. Companionship, in particular, can help overcome anxiety and depression induced by the pandemic.

Author/ Bio:

Dr. Ting Sik Chuen

Psychiatry Specialist